Bartels Life Coaching

If you’re struggling with personal issues or low self esteem that seems to block you from pursuing your goals, you might want to consider working with a life coach, such as myself. Life coaching is a powerful human relationship in which the coach assists their client in designing their future rather than getting over their past. The coach and client then work together in creating visions and goals for all aspects of their lives to attain a perfect balance. Clients then discover their own solutions when provided with support, accountability and unconditional positive regard from their coach.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in balance."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Meet Jane

I was born and raised in Connecticut and graduated Smith College with a degree in psychology. I then pursued higher education as a graduate of Springfield College with a master in Mental Health Counseling, Marriage, and Family Therapy. I  later became a licensed therapist while living in Madison, Wisconsin and have had a private practice for over thirty years. However since moving to Florida two years ago I decided to become a certified life coach and fell in love with this collaborative approach to helping my clients.

Let Me Help You Find Balance

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